Soul Jazz Orchestra at the Hare!

1st Aug, 2013 | admin | Events

Kings Heath’s own musical Mecca the hare and Hounds are always bringing legends to B14 and they don’t come much more respected than theses guys.

Soul Jazz Orchestra are one of the best band’s we saw as chef’s at the H&H. There warm up had as much passion as the gig. With over a decade of hip shaking, whistle blowing infused music, the Canadian Band don’t just make the ground shake they wake up the dead for some good old fashioned horn tooting carnival vibes.

Its a show that we say “DON’T MISS” as you will see them Youtube video with “live” in the title and say to yourself, “I could of gone to see those guys”……

In fact see below, so you can see what you will miss out on…

Get  more information and tickets HERE

One love