A Funeral Like No Other…

27th Nov, 2013 | admin | Events

The long awaited next Secret Dining Society date was announced a few weeks ago with a haunting video of Carl Finn having meltdown of stress of keeping the secret.

SDS “FUNERAL” will be held on the 16th of June and seems to be very much, as always a close regarded secret in to what it will be, where it will be and why the it’s called the “FUNERAL”.

We caught up with our head chef (SDS Head Honcho) to ask a few important questions!!

Are you ok? As you don’t seem ok in the trailer.

“Yes, thanks. I know, I can’t watch without thinking I need some help! But it was fun to make. It was filmed in a few different locations around Brum. We even took it to a good friend’s birthday party got a little merry and then whipped the camera out and did some hardcore acting!!”

This time last year we had a chat and you were very positive about the year ahead. How did it go?

“Last year was amazing, all the events where diverse and challenged what we had done before, that’s the nature of the game. “CAMP” with was a like cub camp but with cocktails and beer! “FIRE” was an incredible BBQ with smoking legends Nick and Lap (AKA Backyard Brummies). “POP” a cinematic adventure and then “EARTH” witch was our 100% veggie meal with no cutlery. They were all completely different, more interactive than before and more to the point loads of new people involved. Goal achieved!”

So why the funeral of SDS?

“Ha! The famous question that gets asked…. We started giving them names to get people thinking about what it could involve. So that’s why we called it the Funeral”

Ok, is this the last one?

“Is it the last one? It’s could be, nothing last forever.”

We hope it’s not!

“I hope so as well, but it requires a lot of time from a lot of people who do it, just to do something. It always has and always will be non profit. Last year we had an incredible team who volunteered, it was fun but we are all a lot busier with things this year.”


Tickets for SDS “FUNERAL” are available now, priced at £15 until the end of April then £20 after. You can find them here:- www.ticketsellers.co.uk.

Please note, dietary requirements will not be catered for

Team SFP