Redmore returns!!

26th Mar, 2014 | Carl Finn | Events

The DJ legend Sam Redmore returns to our HQ this week (29th of March) for another night of antics on the dance floor!! Played by the likes of 6 musics Craig Charles, Lauren Laverne and Giles Peterson infarct every credible DJ in Brum if no the UK owns a remix of his. But screw all that!!

We know he’s good, its the Beard, his fashion and  his ever shiny hair we care about. Those long locks that flow whilst his shoulders rock to the rhythm of the inter flowing beats of the room. Dj fashion for to long has been about, Tight v neck t-shirts, crappy beads and dog tags from H&M.

Now Sam Redmore is a one man against the lot of them and we are right behind him.

Matt Strange, GM of The Church said

“His style is incredible, the blue t-shirt he wore last time really made his eye’s stand out”

Sam Redmore, style guru or Incredible DJ? We say, Both!