Recipe of the month – The Reuben.

5th Jun, 2012 | Jack | Food

Photo by Jack Spicer Adams

Here at Soul Food we are very proud of our Reuben sandwich, we have pulled together some really great ingredients to make this classic American sandwich and this month we will let you in on how we do it.

Good bread makes a good sandwich so we get the best bread in Birmingham, made by our good friends over at LOAF in Stirchley. We use their sourdough and cut it thick to hold in all these goodies.


      • 2 thick slices of Sourdough bread (you need something strong to support your fillings here)
      • Pastrami
      • Home pickled onions, thinly sliced (We pickle our own onions at Soul Food HQ but you can use the more traditional sauerkraut)
      • Gherkins, sliced
      • Swiss cheese
      • Mayonaise
      • Dijon mustard



You know how to make a sandwich, we’re not going to patronise you here. Just get all those great ingredients layered up with generous helpings of the mustard and mayonaise and toast your sandwich, either under the grill or the old fashioned butter on the outside of the bread and get it in a dry hot pan for a few minutes either side method.

Get it while it’s hot and savour the best sandwich in the world.