Recipe of the month: Chipotle Dip

10th Sep, 2012 | Jack | Food
Hi Soul Fooders,
It’s been a while since we’ve hit you up with one of our signature recipes, so without further ado…..Here’s how we make our famous Chipotle dip…………….Over to chef..
The simple things in our kitchen make our dishes. Take chipotle(the sauce that’s smothers one of the most popular burgers in the kitchen the famous True Blood)
We made this sauce to have heat but undertones of sweetness make it approachable and versatile (it now even makes appearances in our salad dressing and some times in Mac and Cheese specials).
To make SFP’s chipotle
In a pan add
500ml water
1 whole red scotch bonnet
Bring to boil for 10mins, discard the scotch bonnet and then add 
50gm’s Jalapenos 
2tbls smoked paprika
500gms brown sugar
5 red chillis (medium) Just remove stalk, leave seeds in
3 green Chillis (medium) Just remove stalk, leave seeds in
2 tbl wet jerk marinade
5 whole tomatoes
bring back to boil and let simmer for 30mins.
Let it cool and then blend till smooth. 
Put it in a bottle and keep in the fridge (will last up to six weeks) and use in what ever you fancy.