Recipe for Mass Distraction

27th Dec, 2013 | admin | Drink


The Sazerac bar in the Roosevelt hotel, New Orleans, boasts a 40ft long mahogany bar that matches the walls around you; it is one the  most spectacular bars I have ever had the pleasure of being sat at.

Serving me was bartender Ryan, who introduced me to the history of the bar and explained why it was called ‘The Sazerac’. The drink of the same name is a thing of legend. If you believe the ‘legend’, as Ryan clearly did; it goes down in history as one of the first cocktails to be invented. The bar and the hotel’s history is just as distinguished; we spoke to a couple who had enjoyed their honeymoon at the hotel some 40 previous. Having heard that it had been restored to it’s former glory, following a $100 million refurbishment in 2008-9 they had returned to rekindle a passion and a taste that can only usually only be experienced by newly weds.

But enough of that down to the drink!!! For this you needK

– 2 whiskey glasses
– Absinthe/or a pastis of some kind
– A nice rye whiskey, Sazarac Rye is a good start
– Peychaud bitters
– Sugar
– Lemon
– Ice

And then the method of this madness..
– In the first whiskey glass put 2 tea spoons of absinthe and fill with cold water
– In the other put 1 level tea spoon of white sugar, 2 dashes of peachard bitters and make a paste
– Add 50ml or 2 fingers of whiskey with an ice cube and stir, when the ice melts down to the size of a pea add  another ice cube until the sugar is dissolved. If you like it sweeter add more sugar and ice and carry on stirring.
– Throw the water and absinthe away, give it a smell, and if the glass has a nice aniseed aroma, you’re ready to go!
– Pour you whiskey mixture into your aniseed infused glass, add ice to taste
– Grab your lemon and using a peeler, extract a strip of zest. Squeeze the oils over the glass and rub around the edge, if you like your drink with some added zest drop a slice of the lemon into your glass.
– Grab some good old New Orleans jazz, start drinking and get ready to sink the next one!!

See you on the other side.