Peel & Stone are hiring! (Position filled)

28th Sep, 2015 | Lizzy May | Featured

Peel & Stone are hiring!

We are a real bread bakery in Birmingham, located in Arch 33 in the Jewellery


Since opening our doors in the summer of 2014 we have grown to offer a

diverse range of delicious, slow leavened bread, healthy and interesting take

away lunches and sourdough pizza from our beautiful wood fired oven. We

take great pride in creating as much as possible in house and love to combine

modern techniques with time honored practices. We bake, ferment, pickle,

preserve and smoke everyday, which is why people have grown to love the

eclectic and interesting nature of the products that we offer. We are a dynamic

and progressive team that works hard to nurture talent. We use enthusiasm

and passion to encourage and guide our team to the high standards people

have come to expect from our products. We are looking for more spirited and

resourceful individuals to join our team in a number of roles.

Please see the descriptions below to see if you would like to take one of these

exciting opportunities


Head Baker

We make a lot of bread, ranging from our Hockley sourdough to a traditional

white tin. We are looking for a talented and experienced head baker to lead our team.

All our bread is baked overnight so that we can deliver the bread

fresh to our customers every morning. All of our bread is made by hand

without any improvers our additives and with minimal mechanical contact.

This role will require experience in management and shift planning. You will

need the confidence to bake, lead and aid in development of the rest of the bakery team.

You are expected to work five night shifts a week so please don’t apply if this might not suit you.

Workingin a bakery is hard, unsociable work but we love it and are looking for others

who feel the same.



Bakery Apprentice

We bake a lot of sweet treats as well. Everyone likes to make cake. This a

really exciting opportunity to learn how to make real bread, patisserie and

savoury baking. We love working closely with UCB and already have two

apprentices who we are extremely proud of. It is a 12 month program and on

completion will receive Level 2 Certificate for Proficiency in Baking

Industry Skills. Please see for more details.


Junior Baker

As well as our Hockley sourdough a core part of our business is creating

buttermilk buns, croissants and enriched products for wholesale. We have just

completed the expansion of our bakery to accommodate a more efficient

space to create these products. They share the same techniques as our more

wholesome breads and contain no additives and improvers like many other

breads available from other bakeries. We are looking for someone who is

comfortable working in a high paced environment and can create a consistent

product working both alone and as part of team. You are expected to work

five night shifts a week but will start earlier and finish earlier than the other

bakers, so have slightly more sociable hours. Experience is preferred but not


If you are interested in any of these positions please send your CV, a covering

letter and any questions and queries to [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.