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The long version is… well, very very long. So see you at the bar for that yarn! But in short Soul Food Project (SFP) is all about hearty down home food originating from the Southern states of the USA. But don’t just think BBQ and deep fried, Soul Food is a whole lot more; it’s about fresh, local, homemade and honest food. We set up in May 2010 with an idea of what we thought Soul Food was; we liked Jambalaya and whole lot of Jazz. So we set up a kitchen in Birmingham’s own live music mecca – the Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath to bring what we loved to the table for a few months, hence the term “Project”. We had no idea at the time, that we were setting up a marriage for life! We started to discover brass bands, cocktails, funk, dixi jazz… the list is endless.Even now, we are still finding out more and more about the real essence of the Deep South. In the years since SFP first opened we have morphed from a trio of enthusiasts, to a large family with a mission to cook fresh with a soundtrack that will bring smiles to all. We now cook, DJ, shake cocktails and preach about the importance of Jambalaya all around the Midlands.